Lactose-Induced Amnesia

July 29, 2015

The following post is one I have rescued from a blog I began once upon a time when my children were much younger but just as entertaining. They were in first and second grade at the time. 


Clearly, my kids had enjoyed their Christmas vacation. Obviously, we had had an exceptionally wonderful time staying up late, sleeping in, and shopping throughout the week. I am thinking, though, that there is, after all, such a thing as too much of a good thing. Enough was enough already. Christmas break, much like summer break, tends to lend itself to amnesia-like episodes in which children and adults alike forget the simplest of things. 

On one of the many trips to "finish" Christmas shopping, we were waiting at a red light, and the conversation (still not sure how) turned to Sacajawea.  Knowing he had learned all about her in Social Studies, I wasn't really paying that much attention to the conversation as he was talking mainly to his sister in the backseat.We made a pit stop for ice cream, and I would be curious to know how differently this exchange would have gone had he not been holding a cup of chocolate ice cream and a pink plastic spoon.

The teacher in me could not resist. I had dwelled on it for a few minutes before asking, "Do you remember exactly who Sacajawea was?" 


Without missing a beat and between bites of his dairy delight he replied, "Yes. She's the one who helped Ben and Jerry!"

That, my friends, was my son as a second grader. Smart, good taste in treats, and under the influence of too much Christmas vacation. 
















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