Strong Is . . . by April B. Pulliam

Efudex: Nothing Normal About It

Hindsight Isn't 20/20: Hindsight is SPF

Skin Cancer Stinks, Ya Know?

Giving the Gift of Your Experience

My Efudex Arsenal: Arming for the Aftermath

The Fear and Safety in Google Images

My Little White Spots: Cryosurgery Reflections

Efudex: This, Too, Shall Pass

Face-Palms and Riding Mowers

Age Spots By Any Other Name

Real Talk: Frustration vs. Protection

Pale Skin: It's More Than a Trend

5 Things to Avoid Saying to Skin Cancer Patients

Thankful for the Nurses at the Dermatologist

The Isolation of Efudex

Say Yes to the Dress and No to the Tan

Take Heart, Dear Advocates

Skin Cancer 101: Life Lessons

Facing February

Melanoma, Basal, AKs: My Battle

First Stop: Diagnosis

New Year, New You! 8 Ready-Made Resolutions

Skin Cancer -- No Discrimination Here

Not My Daughter's Skin Cancer

Living with Efudex: The Price of Tanning

Tanners: Who's to Say We Deserved It?

"Fall"ing into Sun Protection: #SPF365

The Melanoma Mom

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Tips for Efudex Users

How Marti Saved Me: My Melanoma Story

My Journey with Efudex in Photos

Just Skin Cancer

Efudex Cream: The Cold, Hard Truth

Scary Mommy: Sorry, Not Sorry: Mom of a Teenager Version


Stage of Life: Family Vacation: Hunters, Hippos, and Hysterics


Scary Mommy / Club Mid: I Miss My '80s Back To School Shopping Trips


The Mid: Flea Markets, Cookies and a Blue Willow Plate


Stage of Life: There's an App for That: Over the River and Through the Woods But Always Over a Train Track


Stage of Life: There's an App for That: "Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone"


Nashville Parent: Robert in Real Life - A Waffle House Encounter

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